Technology Transactions

Technology is the engine of the modern global economy. It is also the critical infrastructure to all businesses today, both large and small. However, the more sophisticated and empowering technology becomes, the more complex and detailed the contracting process and regulatory issues become. It is essential that businesses choose lawyers with deep expertise and long experience in this area – who understand the technology yet still take a commercial approach – to promptly and efficiently advise and assist through the contract lifecycle, from tender to closure. If things do go wrong in today’s world of advanced technology, it is even more critical that you have lawyers with this level of expertise, experience and approach to successfully respond and guide you through what could otherwise be an existential event.

Experienced lawyers in Tanner De Witt’s Technology Transactions team have this level of experience and expertise. We regularly provide legal advice and assistance to all our clients, from SMEs to large multinational corporations, very often in relation to their mission critical technology transactions. We also have particular experience in advising some of the world’s leading financial institutions, software vendors and telecommunications providers on their critical, strategic technology transactions, whether for global or regional needs. We advise on technology transactions from large scale high value technology procurement to complex IT, HR and BP outsourcing transactions. We advise in a variety of industry sectors, but in particular in regulated sectors such as financial services and telecommunications. These transactions frequently involve cloud (both private and public) as well as on premise elements, and include large software and hardware infrastructure projects. Our work requires us to consider complex regulations, and advise on very detailed and highly technical contractual issues.

Lawyers in our Digital Services team are members of the International Technology Law Association. iTech Law is a technology law community with a global membership base of lawyers specializing in technology from six continents and in more than 60 countries.


We regularly advise on:

  • large scale high value global and regional technology (software and hardware) procurement agreements (including agreements for complex licensing, support, installation and related any related professional services)
  • complex technology licensing and cross licensing arrangements, including in particular in the semiconductor industry
  • complex high value global strategic IT, HR, BP and data centre outsourcing transactions from tender through to contract closure
  • systems and software development, licensing, support and maintenance agreements
  • systems integration agreements and master contracts
  • distribution, reseller (including VAR), franchiser and agency agreements
  • technology transfer, encryption and other technology related regulations


Lawyers in our Technology Transactions team have advised on:

  • large scale high value cross border technology procurement infrastructure agreements for leading international retail and investment banks and fund managers
  • complex global and regional IT and HR outsourcing projects (often high value and/or strategic) for leading international retail and investment banks
  • highly complex strategic licensing and cross licensing agreements for a leading multinational semiconductor corporation
  • technology related regulatory issues in the Asia Pacific region for one of the world’s leading consumer electronics corporations and numerous other clients
  • technology rights and intellectual property licensing in complex multi-jurisdictional business separation and asset transfer of an online gambling business
  • strategic partnership for the design, development and commercialisation of a proprietary technology-enabled system of mail delivery
  • technology cross-licensing and maintenance services transaction for online retail property brokerage
  • service level agreements and outsourcing arrangements in respect of tech refurbishment services for second hand sale of electronic devices.