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Who we are

This website (https://www.tannerdewitt.com) belongs to Tanner De Witt (“we”, “us” and “our”), a firm of solicitors established as a partnership in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”) and regulated by the Law Society of Hong Kong. 

A list of our partners can be obtained from this website or from the Law Society of Hong Kong.


These Terms of Use may be amended by us at our sole discretion from time to time. These Terms of Use set out the terms and conditions applicable to your use of this website.  By using this website, you accept these Terms of Use.

Your continued use of this website following any amendments to these Terms of Use will constitute your agreement to our amended terms.

Client engagement process

Your use of this website, the receipt of any information from this website, or submission of any information by e-mail or through this website is not intended to create nor does it create a solicitor-client relationship between you and Tanner De Witt.

Any e-mail or communication sent through this website is neither confidential nor protected by privilege. Do not send us any confidential information until you have received from Tanner De Witt a written statement that Tanner De Witt represents you and a formal client relationship has been established. Tanner De Witt will only accept your confidential information when Tanner De Witt confirms we represent you as a client.

Before accepting any new clients or new matters, Tanner De Witt must ascertain if there are any actual or potential conflicts with any of our existing or former clients. 

If you wish to engage us to act for you in any matter, please send to us your full name, the names of actual or potential counterparties, and a brief description of the matter (e.g. “commercial agreement” or “employment advice”) (“Conflict Check Information”) without revealing any confidential information to [email protected].  Unless and until you become our client, we do not assume any confidentiality obligation with respect to any Conflict Check Information provided to us.

Fraud alert

Third parties may impersonate Tanner De Witt, our partners or staff for fraudulent purposes.  Third parties may also create, for fraudulent purposes, websites that impersonate us.  While Tanner De Witt makes every effort to detect and thwart impersonation attempts, we cannot and do not take responsibility for fraud committed by third parties.  You should therefore take reasonable precautions against fraud, including those suggested below.

To prevent fraud, you should ensure that the domain name of our website is correctly displayed as “https://www.tannerdewitt.com”, and that e-mails purporting to come from us contain the domain name “@tannerdewitt.com” and not a variation of it.

Tanner De Witt will never notify you by e-mail, text messages, pre-recorded voice messages, or by any means through our website that our bank account details have changed.  Any communication or information on our website stating that we have done so may be an attempt by a third party to defraud. 

Tanner De Witt will never request payment or transfer by unsolicited telephone calls, text messages, pre-recorded voice messages or by any means through our website.  We may make requests for payments (e.g. payment for costs on account for our services) by e-mail, but you will always have the opportunity to verify that the request is genuine by other means (e.g. telephone call with us) prior to payment.

If you have any doubts about our payment details or requests for payment, please contact our accounts department or the partner responsible for your matter by telephone.


Tanner De Witt has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. All Tanner De Witt employees, consultants and partners must not offer or receive gifts or hospitality that could improperly influence, or be perceived to influence, our decision-making, independence and those of others. We do not directly or indirectly engage in bribery or corruption in any form.

Use of this website

We do not guarantee or assume any responsibility that access to this website will be available or be uninterrupted, or that this website is free of defects, viruses, or anything which may change, erase, add to, or damage your software, data, devices or equipment.


You may not access or attempt to access any part of our website or server which is not available for public access. 

You must not restrict or inhibit other users from using and enjoying this website, or alter the content, presentation, performance or any other aspect of this website. 

Non-reliance of website content

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute professional advice, whether legal or otherwise, and does not purport to be accurate, adequate, current, reliable or comprehensive.

The information on this website may change at any time. Although Tanner De Witt attempts to ensure that the information in this website is current, Tanner De Witt does not guarantee its currency and completeness as there may be developments, delays, errors or omissions.

You should exercise and rely solely on your own skill and judgment in your use of the information on this website. You should seek legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the information on this website.

Information on this website does not constitute any representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, by Tanner De Witt or any of its solicitors or employees, whether in relation to our services or otherwise.

Any views presented through this website are the views of the individual author, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Tanner De Witt or any of its other solicitors or employees.

Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Tanner De Witt does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise in connection with the use or inability to use this website, or reliance upon the materials and information appearing on this website.

Information submitted to us through this website is not encrypted and is not secure against interception.  We do not accept liability for any communication which is intercepted or otherwise falls into the hands of third parties or for non-receipt, late receipt or corruption. Please let us know at [email protected] if you wish to communicate with us via secure means.


For your convenience and information, this website may contain links to other websites, and other websites may contain links to this website. Tanner De Witt makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or any other aspect of the information contained in any third party website.

Tanner De Witt is not responsible for the operation or content of any linked website, external website or any external websites that link to this website. Tanner De Witt is also not responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you have provided while visiting these external linked websites.

No link to another website should be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of any information, goods or services referred to, or indication of any affiliation between Tanner De Witt and any entity referred to.

You are only permitted to link to this website if you have obtained the prior written permission of Tanner De Witt. Tanner De Witt reserves the right to withdraw its permission in relation to any linking to this website.


We use technology known as “cookies” to collect information about your use of this website to personalise the website, to improve its performance and security, and for our marketing purposes.  For more information, please see our Personal Information Collection Statement.

Intellectual property rights and trademarks

All intellectual property and trademarks subsisting in or appearing on this website belong to us or have been lawfully licensed to us for use on this website.  All intellectual property rights are reserved.

Tanner De Witt owns all the copyright in respect of the content on this website, unless otherwise stated.

Save for content belonging to third parties, you may read the contents and make copies of this website for your own personal non-commercial use.

You may also give copies of reasonable extracts on an occasional basis free of charge to your contacts for their personal and non-commercial use provided that:

(a)     Tanner De Witt is acknowledged as the source;

(b)     the content (including text, video or audio contents) is not altered in any way;

(c)     these Terms of Use are brought to their attention and they agree to comply with these Terms of Use; and

(d)     you agree that the sharing of our content will not be inaccurate, misleading or used in any illegal manner.

Any other use or copying of the contents of this website is prohibited unless Tanner De Witt gives its prior written consent. To obtain consent please contact [email protected].

Copyright in some content of this website may belong to third parties and such content has been produced on this website with their permission.

Unless otherwise specified, you may not copy, distribute, or otherwise communicate or make available to the public or a section of the public any content appearing on this website which belongs to a third party or use such content for a commercial purpose. You should contact such third parties directly for permission to copy, distribute such content or use such content for commercial purposes. 

You agree that we can use, disclose, adopt and modify all and any information (including ideas, concepts, know-how, proposals, suggestions, comments and other communications) provided by you to us through the website without any payment to you.

You hereby waive and agree to waive all and any rights and claims in relation to our use, disclosure, adoption or modification of any or all of such information provided by you.


In your use of this website, we may collect personal data about you.  You may find out more about how we collect, hold, process and use your personal data by referring to our Personal Information Collection Statement.

We collect, use, and process personal data in compliance with the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance (Cap. 486).  If you have any concerns or questions regarding how we collect and use your personal data, you may contact [email protected].


If you are a client and wish to raise any concerns, please contact in the first instance the partner with overall responsibility of your matter, or if preferred, another partner at Tanner De Witt.

If you are not a client and have any concerns about this website or any other matter in relation to Tanner De Witt, please contact us at [email protected].

Practice promotion

The content of this website is required to comply with the Solicitors’ Practice Promotion Code as published by the Law Society of Hong Kong from time to time.  No information in this website should be interpreted as containing any adverse remark or implication concerning any solicitor or solicitors, that Tanner De Witt or any of its solicitors are experts in any field of practice or generally, or that Tanner De Witt has a certain “success rate”.

You have a free choice of solicitors and should exercise your independent judgment in deciding to engage Tanner De Witt or any other solicitors.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from these Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. By using this website, you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

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