Douglas Clark


Hong Kong Court Upholds a Jurisdictional Challenge to an Arbitral Award Based on Newly Introduced Evidence of Market Manipulation

In an important recent decision, the Hong Kong Court of First Instance upheld a jurisdictional challenge to an arbitral award in R v A, B and C [2023] HKCFI 2034. The jurisdictional issues concerned a third party (“Ma”) who sought to replace the claimant (“Rise”)…Read More


Notice-ably Wrong: The Importance of Proper Notice in Arbitration Proceedings

What difference can a “t” make? Apparently, a lot. In a Hong Kong Arbitration Society arbitration, the Claimant served its Notice of Arbitration (NoA) on the Respondent using [email protected] instead of [email protected] (the Respondent’s email for service under the relevant contract).  That difference was sufficient…Read More


Tanner De Witt expands IP Practice

Tanner De Witt announces the appointment of Douglas Clark as Partner to join its Intellectual Property practice. The appointment is effective today, Friday 1st September 2023. This marks a significant advancement in the firm’s strategic initiative to enhance its IP practice along with its litigation…Read More