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Marriage Equality in Hong Kong: Progress and Next Steps

Pride Month aims to raise awareness around equality and celebrating our LGBTQIA+ people and communities and to raise awareness of issues that affect them and steer conversation and action towards positive change. Recently in celebration of Pride Month, ten LGBTQIA+ couples tied the knot in…Read More


Legal Update: Standish v Standish [2024] EWCA Civ 567

The decision in the case of Standish v Standish, Court of Appeal, England & Wales, concerns a high-profile divorce settlement and primarily concerns pre-marital contributions to the asset pool. In an unprecedented move, the Court of Appeal reduced the award to the Wife by GBP20…Read More


Tanner De Witt’s Family Practice ranked and Joanne Brown recognised as Leading Family and Divorce Lawyer in 2024 Doyle’s Guide Hong Kong.

Another great achievement for Joanne Brown and her Family practice, being recognised as a “Leading Family and Divorce Lawyer” and “Recommended Family and Divorce Law Firm” by the Doyle’s Guide Hong Kong 2024.


The Use of Mediation in International Child Abduction Cases

Introduction An occurrence of international child abduction evokes negative emotions and strong condemnation. The unauthorised removal of a child from the loving care of a parent across international lines is obviously unacceptable. Equally so, is the retention of a child abroad without mutual parental consent. …Read More


Considering the right to family within the context of multiple sibling adoption

In Hong Kong, the right to family life is enshrined in Article 19 of the Bill of Rights Ordinance (Cap. 383), which recognises family as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society”. Further, Article 14 protects one’s rights from arbitrary or unlawful interference with…Read More


Question: I am going through a separation or divorce. Can I travel with my children overseas? 

At the start of a New Year, parents may be looking to enjoy overseas travel with their children, especially during their long school holidays. It is important to plan ahead and seek agreement with your co-parent to prevent any travel disappointments, delays, or cancellation costs. As…Read More


Tanner De Witt is delighted that our law firm has achieved consistent recognition in Chambers and Partners Greater China Region Guide 2024

Tanner De Witt is delighted that our law firm has achieved consistent recognition in Chambers and Partners Greater China Region Guide 2024. We are honoured to have maintained top-notch rankings for an impressive 14-year stretch. Big congratulations to our exceptional team for earning this well-deserved recognition. Restructuring & Insolvency:…Read More


Court of Final Appeal: Government must provide alternative means of recognising same-sex partnership

On 5 September 2023, the Court of Final Appeal in Sham Tsz Kit v Secretary for Justice [2023] HKCFA 28 ruled that the absence of alternative means of legal recognition of same-sex relationships in Hong Kong amounts to a violation of the constitutional right to…Read More


Forced marriages and the law of invalid consent recently examined in RM v AY [2023] HKCU 1398

The freedom to marry a partner of our choosing is a constitutional right. The Hong Kong Bill of Rights states “No marriage shall be entered into without the free and full consent of the intending spouses” (Article 19).   Yet, forced marriages do happen in Hong…Read More


Protecting Minors – Wards of the Court: Who, what, when and why? 

The term “Ward of the Court” is one which sounds archaic. In a way, it is. The origins stem from feudalism in the Middle Ages in England when the Crown was given rights to exercise powers and duties over orphaned children whose father owned land.  …Read More


Tanner De Witt’s Family Practice ranked and Joanne Brown recommended as Family and Divorce Lawyer in 2023 Doyle’s Guide Hong Kong.

We are delighted to share that Joanne Brown, Partner, and Head of the Family Practice at Tanner De Witt, has once again been recommended in Doyle’s Guide Hong Kong as the “Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer” of 2023. Tanner De Witt is also honoured to…Read More


What happens to my jewellery in a divorce? A simple guide on how valuable personal items are distributed during a divorce proceeding

In divorce, what will happen to my personal valuables such as my jewellery, watches, bags? Spouses are often concerned with whether they can keep their personal valuables upon divorce. Will I keep my engagement ring? Will I have to sell my watches, jewelleries or luxury…Read More