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Tanner De Witt supports Wimler Foundation and celebrates ESF Lions win

Tanner De Witt was proud to be the main sponsor at the Spring Fever Saturday Dance Party this weekend raising funds for Wimler, a Hong Kong based charity which provides funding for children in the Philippines to go to school in circumstances where they would…Read More


Supporting the Sai Kung Beach Boys

Tanner De Witt was proud to sponsor the Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Association‘s first fund raising event held on Friday 20 May at Kings Park Sports Ground which was a tremendous success with more than HKD30,000 being raised for two year old Connor Brown,…Read More


Specialist Tribunals and Boards in Hong Kong

Many of the administrative and legal decisions that affect closely the lives of residents of Hong Kong and businesses that operate in Hong Kong are not made in the courts but are given in specialist tribunals or other bodies created by statute to deal with…Read More


Legal Representative, Supervisor and Company Chops – an introduction to their roles under PRC law and practice

Legal Representative Each company established in China, whether domestic or foreign-owned, must have a legal representative who is the main principal of the company and has the authority to represent the company and enter into binding contracts or contractual obligations for and on behalf of…Read More


Tanner De Witt’s brand has global reach!

Recently a learned Queen’s Counsel sent us this photo of a Tanner De Witt golf ball (with our pre-2010 branding) which had been found in a bush in the US Virgin Islands at the Mahogany Run Golf Course…we don’t know how long it has been…Read More