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Legal checklist when preparing for marriage

Marriage is a legal matter.  An important part of marital planning is to ensure that the implications of marriage on your legal status are well considered with ample time before the wedding.  Planning takes time.  Time will be short as the big day approaches. Consider…Read More


The importance of wills upon marriage or divorce

One of the most challenging tasks of a family lawyer is convincing clients to insure against the unknown. In the chaos of going through a divorce with a long list of issues concerning children and money matters in the queue for resolution the human mind…Read More


Residence as a dependant during and after Divorce FAQs

In our matrimonial work with families of international backgrounds, we are often asked to assist in matters of dependants visas for spouse and children. We generally advise clients to pay attention to the timing of matters especially in the context of a divorce or separation…Read More


Getting married outside Hong Kong

There is an increasing trend amongst residents of Hong Kong to get married abroad. If you are planning a wedding outside Hong Kong, you should pay attention to whether your marriage celebrated overseas is recognised as a legal marriage under Hong Kong law. This depends…Read More


Bankruptcy – Discharge or Extension? A tougher approach by the Courts

Click here for pdf version of this article. Introduction When an individual is adjudged bankrupt, the property of the bankrupt vests in the trustees.  A bankrupt’s duties include cooperating with the trustees and to assist them to recover and realise his assets.  Since the legislation…Read More