Legal Updates


The importance of wills upon marriage or divorce

One of the most challenging tasks of a family lawyer is convincing clients to insure against the unknown. In the chaos of going through a divorce with a long list of issues concerning children and money matters in the queue for resolution the human mind…Read More


Residence as a dependant in Hong Kong during and after divorce FAQs

In our matrimonial work with families of international backgrounds in Hong Kong, we are often asked to assist in matters of dependants visas for spouse and children. We generally advise clients to pay attention to the timing of matters especially in the context of a…Read More


Getting married outside Hong Kong

There is an increasing trend amongst residents of Hong Kong to get married abroad. If you are planning a wedding outside Hong Kong, you should pay attention to whether your marriage celebrated overseas is recognised as a legal marriage under Hong Kong law. This depends…Read More


Legal update: Bankruptcy – Discharge or Extension? A tougher approach by the Courts

Introduction When an individual is adjudged bankrupt, the property of the bankrupt vests in the trustees.  A bankrupt’s duties include cooperating with the trustees and to assist them to recover and realise his assets.  Since the legislation was amended in 1998, in Hong Kong a…Read More


Legal update: Equal Opportunities Commission – Racial Equality and School Uniform

Uniform policies and discrimination With the increasing awareness in racial equality, companies, institutions and organisations should review their existing policies and identify any potential problems which may affect the legitimacy of relevant policies. In particular, uniform policies implemented by schools and organisations have been a…Read More


Legal update: Employment Agency Arrangements and Zero Hours

In 2004 the UK Court of Appeal handed down the decision Patricia Dacas v Brook Street Bureau Limited [2004] EWCA Civ 217 stating that, under the employment agency arrangements an implied contract of employment may exist between the worker and the end user.  The law…Read More


Legal update: Identity theft: how best to handle the situation

What is identity theft? Identity theft is an increasingly common type of fraud involving the assumption of part or all of a pre-existing identity for the purpose of obtaining monetary or other benefits. Identity theft can be committed in a number of different ways, including…Read More


Employers Beware! Attempting to recover sums due from employees – pitfalls of “self help”

Employers frequently find themselves in a position where they may be owed money by an employee or feel strongly aggrieved by the actions of an employee which may have caused them loss – potentially when there is even a suspicion of fraud.  Where these situations…Read More


Legal update: Recent amendments to Hong Kong employment laws (sexual harassment / paternity leave / minimum wage & employee compensation)

Employment Law Update Q1 2015 There has been a wave of employment related legislation enacted in Hong Kong over the last few months, most of which directly benefits employees. This legislation has repercussions for employers, who need to be aware of the changes and consider…Read More


Legal update: Statutory Paternity Leave

Hong Kong has finally introduced statutory paternity leave of up to 3 days for male employees employed in the private sector effective from 27 February 2015.  A brief summary of the Hong Kong statutory paternity leave entitlement is as follows: (1)    Who is entitled to…Read More


Legal Services in Hong Kong

A Reputable law firm In Hong Kong Tanner De Witt Solicitors has an established reputation for combining quality legal services with a flexible and innovative approach to service delivery. Our success is a result of developing and implementing practical solutions to every matter. The firm…Read More


The Competition Ordinance

INTRODUCTION The Competition Ordinance (“Ordinance“), enacted on 14 June 2012, introduces a cross sector competition law in Hong Kong for the first time. The institutional provisions of the Ordinance will come into force first to enable the establishment of the Competition Commission (“Commission”), Competition Tribunal…Read More