Ian De Witt and Jeff Lane speaking at Thought Leaders FIRE virtual event


Partners Ian De Witt and Jeff Lane will be speakers at Thought Leaders FIRE Asia Virtual event on 30 June and 1 July

Jeff’s session on 30 June is, “The Crucial First Few Hours” and begins at 5:05 pm HKT and will cover best practices in asset recovery. He’ll speak with fellow practitioners Moses Park, Barrister at Liberty Chambers, and Jeremy Lightfoot, Partner at Carey Olsen

Ian ‘s session on 1 July is, “Arms Race: How Effective are Other Practical Weapons in Combatting Fraud” and is the closing session of the event, starting from 5:35 pm HKT. Ian will be on a panel with Poornima Hatti, Partner at Samvad Partners (India), Danny Quah, Counsel at Providence Law (Singapore), and Nakul Dewan SA, Barrister at Twenty Essex (Singapore).

The event is free. Reserve your attendance at: https://thoughtleaders4.com/fire/fire-event/fire-asia-virtual

About Thought Leaders FIRE

FIRE–Fraud, Insolvency, Recovery, Enforcement–is a global Asset Recovery community bringing together key practitioners across contentious insolvency, fraud litigation and international enforcement.