Proud to support Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Hong Kong 2016


Tanner De Witt was extremely proud to support the 2016 Bloomberg Square Mile Relay again this year in Hong Kong. Entering two teams of ten runners we had a great night despite the light rain and slippery surface. Special thanks to organiser Tim Drew and superstar Phil Swainston.

Back row: Federico Donnet, Phil Swainston, Tim Drew, Jan Willem Möller, Kellie Simpson, Lizzie Fraser, Wing Hung Wong, Wayne Lee, Natalie Lam, Amanda Wong, Troy Greig and front row: Brittany Miao, Jess Man, Tara Chan, River Stone, Tim Au
The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is the race for those who never settle. The restless who understands the status quo wins nothing, and that action changes everything.

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