Legal update: Children’s Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong


Children’s Dispute Resolution, Practice Direction 15.13 becomes a permanent feature of Hong Kong Family Court practice.

The Pilot Scheme on Children’s Dispute Resolution which began on 3 October 2012 came to an end on 31 March 2016 with Practice Direction 15.13 being formally adopted from 1 April 2016 as standard Family Court procedure in any disputes involving children commenced in the Family Court.

“The aim of the scheme is to support mothers and fathers, so that they are able to effectively parent their children post separation or divorce. The intention is to ensure that whilst the best interests of children remains the court’s paramount concern, that lasting agreements concerning children are obtained quickly and in a less adversarial atmosphere. The focus is therefore on the children’s best interests together with the duties and responsibilities of their parents.”

Practice Direction 15.13, dated 4 March 2016, Geoffrey Ma, Chief Justice

Practice Direction 15.13 sets out the mandatory practice and procedure for litigants engaged in disputes relating to all children.

Tanner De Witt’s Family and Private Client Practice works with specialists across all necessary disciplines in order to successfully resolve issues concerning children affected by family disputes.

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