Jeff Lane participates in OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami 2017


Tanner De Witt Partner Jeff Lane participated in the panel session “Strategies to Obtain Information in Offshore Jurisdictions” at the OffshoreAlert Miami Conference on Monday 1 May 2017. Sitting with him were Stephen Baker (Senior Partner, Baker & Partners, Jersey), Yves Klein (Partner, Monfrini Crettol & Associés, Switzerland) and Metta MacMillan-Hughes (Litigation Partner, Lennox Paton, Bahamas).

This panel session covered four main areas:

  • Obtaining information through use of the criminal;
  • Obtaining third party disclosure orders and evidence for use in civil proceedings;
  • What you might find in corporate registries and other public sources; and
  • Practical examples.
Jeff Lane (third from left) on panel at OffshoreAlert Miami Conference 2017
About the conference

The 15th Annual North American OffshoreAlert Conference is a Financial Intelligence & Investigations Event that brings together more than 250 clients, providers and investigators of high-end financial products and services from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and key offshore jurisdictions to network and discuss wealth creation, preservation and recovery.