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Divorce rates in Hong Kong have increased close to 8 percent, according to the biannual Hong Kong Council of Social Services social development index, released last week. The 2014 index, shows over 21,000 divorces were decreed in 2012, the latest recorded period available. This figure represents 35 per cent of marriages registered that same year said the Council.

With marital breakdown becoming a growing trend in Hong Kong there is greater need for individuals in legally binding relationships to be aware of their options. “Alternative dispute resolution is a path that couples should always consider before going down the divorce route,” says Mark Side, Partner and CEDR accredited Mediator at Hong Kong law firm Tanner De Witt.

Mediation followed by consent court applications are becoming an increasingly popular way for spouses to part ways amicably. Mediation involves a trained matrimonial negotiator helping the parties reach arrangements suitable for their particular circumstances dealing with their children, their money and the future

However, sometimes divorce may indeed be the best way forward. In this case, the professional manner in which divorce is handled can help ensure minimum distress to family members involved. “At Tanner De Witt our lawyers understand this sensitive process, having many years of legal experience in matrimonial and family law to draw on,” says Mark.

When going through a divorce, parties may have to consider child custody, child access, financial maintenance (sometimes known as alimony) and estate distribution. Often a family business or immigration issues can make the process of divorce in Hong Kong even more complex. “Each case is unique. Our solicitors work closely with clients, engineering options to reach desired outcomes together, as smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible,” adds Mark.

Tanner De Witt is ranked among the top tiers for many of its practice areas by various global legal publications including Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. The Hong Kong law firm operates a business-focused practice which offers legal advice and representation in a range of fields, including family and matrimonial matters such as divorce and estate planning.

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