Robin Darton joins Forum on International Enforcement of Judgements & Awards in London


Partner Robin Darton was selected and personally invited this week to participate in a Cambridge Forum on the International Enforcement of Judgements & Awards (FIEJA) at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey, United Kingdom.

The Forum’s Steering Committee welcomes up to 44 specialists in the area of international enforcement from both common and civil law jurisdictions, including litigation and arbitration practitioners (Barristers/Solicitors/Attorneys), judgment traders, forensic and IT experts, international investigators, the judiciary, and public prosecutors. This elite group develops the agenda which formulates the basis of the round table discussion.

Topics discussed include: Preliminary Assessment of Enforceability, Retainers and Funding, Interim Measures, Improving Prospects of Recovery and Peeling the Onion, Defences/Counter Attacks/Problems and Enforcement Mechanics.

Robin Darton, Chairman TMA and Tanner De Witt Partner
Robin Darton, Tanner De Witt Partner

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