Tanner De Witt host Richard Turere, Inventor of Lion Lights


On Thursday evening, 17 November, we had the pleasure of hosting the Royal Geographical Society‘s presentation by Colin Dawson of The Elephant Foundation and Richard Turere, Maasai warrior and inventor of Lion Lights. 

All before the age of 23, Richard built an impressively accomplished CV. 

At age 11, he invented Lion Lights–a solar-powered anti-stalking system–humanely protecting his family’s livestock from lion attacks. By mimicking the strobing characteristics of a handheld torch, the lights had a 100% success rate at passively deterring lions.

At age 13, he became one of the world’s youngest TED Speakers when presenting on the solution and success of Lion Lights.

He is Kenya’s youngest patent inventor, recipient of the Anzisha prize, and –with the distance continually shrinking between Human homes and wildlife habitats–a vigilant advocate for preventing human-wildlife conflict.

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