Debt Collection Services in Hong Kong and Abroad


Tanner De Witt offers a range of services that will be able to assist you in recovering money from debtors.

The Service

For the debt collection service we will:

  1. receive your instructions on the debts and on the debtor;
  2. upon your instructions, carry out searches and make inquiries on the debtor (telephone and fax searches, High Court and District Court searches, searches at the Land Registry, the office of the Official Receiver, and (sometimes) discreet site visits);
  3. send letters/faxes of demand (served personally if appropriate);
  4. chase up the debtor (within the deadline we have given) on the telephone and in correspondence;
  5. if appropriate, and your instructions, negotiate a repayment schedule with the debtor;
  6. send to you sums recovered, or if there is no recovery, we will send to you a full report detailing the steps we have taken and the response of the debtor, the results of our searches and enquiries; the options open to you; and (so far as we are able) our opinion on the prospects of recovering the debt together with our estimate of the costs that may be incurred.

If we have been unable to collect the debt in full, you will then be free to decide whether or not you wish to take the matter any further. If you decide not to proceed, your expenditure will be limited to our set fee.

There are many debt collection agents in Hong Kong. However, we think that as lawyers we have a superior debt recovery service. In our experience, action of a firm of lawyers has a greater impact on debtors. Furthermore, we have the ability and the experience to take any matter to litigation. The Firm is also experienced in providing legal services relating to the investigation of public corruption, bribery and foreign corrupt practices in Hong Kong and overseas.