Legal update: Recent amendments to Hong Kong employment laws (sexual harassment / paternity leave / minimum wage & employee compensation)

Employment Law Update Q1 2015 There has been a wave of employment related legislation enacted in Hong Kong over the last few months, most of which directly benefits employees. This legislation has repercussions for employers, who need to be aware of the changes and consider…Read More


Legal update: Statutory Paternity Leave

Hong Kong has finally introduced statutory paternity leave of up to 3 days for male employees employed in the private sector effective from 27 February 2015.  A brief summary of the Hong Kong statutory paternity leave entitlement is as follows: (1)    Who is entitled to…Read More


Rowan Varty talks Sevens and Rugby Idols

Tanner De Witt is pleased to support Asia’s biggest sporting event, Hong Kong’s annual Rugby Sevens Tournament later this month. Last night we caught up with Tanner De Witt solicitor and professional rugby player Rowan Varty at the Official Ticket Collection event at Isola in…Read More