Tanner De Witt supports BVI High School Fundraiser Ball

0712 月2017

We were very pleased to support BVI House Asia’s fundraiser for the British Virgin Islands (BVI) by attending a Fundraiser Ball  at the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbourview Hotel. We were one of the top pledgers at the event.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) recently suffered a devastating spate of natural disasters, starting with an unprecedented amount of rain (15 inches) falling over 20 hours in August. This was followed in September by Hurricane Irma, the strongest observed in the Atlantic since 2005, and Hurricane Maria, the most intense tropical cyclone worldwide in 2017.

The combination of all three of these events flattened Elmore Stoutt High School, the largest public high school in the Islands. Students have currently been moved to another building in the Islands, and are attending school on a shift basis. Junior students go to school from 8am until noon, while senior students attend from 1 to 5pm.

Funds raised from the Ball will go into rebuilding the Elmore Stoutt campus so that students can attend for a full day as they used to do. We joined more than 300 guests in pledging support to this BVI educational institution and sincerely hope all students at Elmore Stoutt can enjoy a beautiful new campus and full school days in the months to come.

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